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Many of us are using a great deal of unnecessary muscular tension in our daily activities, even when we think that we are relaxed. Indeed modern life is so busy and stressful that it causes a great deal of physical, mental and emotional pressure. This makes us lose the good co-ordination of the whole body, which we originally had. Instead, we get used to a misuse of the body as a long-term habit.
This misuse may affect over health, and it may cause us aches or pains, and discomfort or such as backache, frozen shoulder, stiff neck, migraine, lack of vitality, Insomnia etc.

What is the Alexander Technique?
The Alexander Technique improves the way you use yourself in daily activity. In our lessons we try to give you a new sensory experience of how to use your body. We teach you how to get rid of old habits and how to restore the right amount of muscular tension. The Alexander Technique is not a therapy, nor a healing method, nor a form of physical exercise, but it is about learning a good use of yourself, which may help to resolve pain and discomfort.

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